Our Activities in the Carpathians

Single track mountain biking and trail running at its best in the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania. Great landscapes, traditional rural life, all packed in some amazing holiday programs aimed both at the sports enthusiasts and the relaxed explorers.

From mountain bikers to mountain bikers

Have a look at these full-week, all-inclusive mtb programs:

  1. Bucegi Circuit: a medium to advanced program in and around the Bucegi Mountains.
  2. Transylvanian Alps: an advanced mtb tour across five mountains in Central Romania.
  3. Carpathian Ride: the longest, most difficult tour, for expert riders.
  4. Skills for Thrills: a week of technical training combined with some smooth riding.

See more photos and trip reports on our Romanian dedicated website here: www.mtbtours.ro.

From trail runners to trail runners

All our biking programs are suitable for mountain running. There are also other programs available, we’ll show them here in the near future.

From skiers to skiers


You can write me at karpaten.trails@gmail.com, or call me +43069917093963 (Austrian mobile number). I am based in Vienna (Wien) area, so if you are around I’d be happy to meet you in person.

Our mountain philosophy:

Before anything, we are nature lovers, trying to keep it as untouched and unspoiled as possible.

We go fast on bikes, on skis or while running, but we find time to savor the joy and the privilege of being up the mountain. We treat with equal care and respect both the fellow trail users and the wild life while exercising our passions.