Mihai Constantenec

My name is Mihai Constantenec, I was born in the middle of Transylvania, in the small medieval city of Mediaș. The seeds of love for mountain, nature and sports were planted early in my life, during family outings. Later on I was an active member of tourism and ecological clubs, building a strong feeling of love and respect for the mountain.

Along the years I developed a broad experience practicing various mountain activities, from basic trekking to mountaineering and climbing, mountain biking and ski-touring, both in competitions and recreational.

My studies were focused on consolidating my interests: licence and master degree in mountain sports at University of Transylvania, Brașov – the Romanian capital city of mountain activities, mountain guide training, outdoor activities trainer, mountain bike guide and moutain bike training guide for children (Bikepro, Austria), ski instructor.

Starting with 2012 I am based in Wien, Austria, but I constantly travel back to Romania to enjoy the mountains I love most.

My wish is to pass on my passion and my knoledge gathered during the years lived along the mountain paths. I am a child’s soul trapped in the body of an adult, always ready to run for my favourite playground: the Carpathian trails.

Mr Mihai Constantenec, mountain guide
+43069917093963, karpaten.trails@gmail.com