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The Carpathian Allround Winter Adventure

The Carpathian allround Winter Adventure 

Mario Cassela is a jurnalist, film producer,  mountainguide and adventurer wich did a few important mountain winter traverses like Caucasus, Iranian Mountains from the turkisch to afgahn border.  He also spend time on Himalayas, Alaska, Andes  illustrating them thru his movies and books, spoting the bond  and the stories behind and between the mountains and the people living on it, guiding turists or just enjoy being there.… (>>)

Where the time runs still: the Transylvanian Alps

They say “home” is inside of each one of us and I agree, but somehow, sometimes, I have to say  maybe I’m not ready to feel this way.

That’s why each time when I’m in the Transylvanian Alps (that’s how The Fagaras Mountains were named) I get butterflies in my stomach and I feel the same as a child, excited about the journey he is about to make and unable to sleep because he is already living everything in advance.… (>>)