Where the time runs still: the Transylvanian Alps

They say “home” is inside of each one of us and I agree, but somehow, sometimes, I have to say  maybe I’m not ready to feel this way.

That’s why each time when I’m in the Transylvanian Alps (that’s how The Fagaras Mountains were named) I get butterflies in my stomach and I feel the same as a child, excited about the journey he is about to make and unable to sleep because he is already living everything in advance.

Being there, away from the most touristic routes, in a cabin where all the utilities can’t be taken for granted, and you have to do hard work the get light, warmth, water, food, I feel taken back in time. On one side everything is harder, but on the other side it sets you free. This way you get free from all the things you don’t really need, and get much closer to the much sought Inner Peace.

I’m not an adept of isolation, but maybe everyone should try this from time to time. In a place where you feel at home, where you can (re)fuel nice memories , good feelings, joy, away from civilization, from the rush of everyday life, in a place where you get the time to rediscover yourself.

I understand that maybe this schema won’t work for everybody but I’m convinced that every one of us has nice memories and emotions, and we have to find ways to relive them, so that we are able to surf through our everyday existence.

For me, one place where I can do all this is Casuta din Arpas, where I can get back to my origins to find who I really am.

Mihai Constantenec, 13 martie 2016