Trail Running in Romania

They came here for Trail Running in Romanian mountains.

How can I put it on paper when I don’t even find the words for it? It was a tour that I was little worrying about at the beginning but when it started it was everything else but worries. Beautiful trails, people with a lot of joy in hearts and open for everything were a perfect match to have a great experience. This way we succeed really to make the best of our 4 days Trail Running tour. Looking back at these days I still feel the joy and happiness to have run in such a special company, on our home trails.

Thinking more about it, it came. Flow ….is the word, and the feeling of being not necessarily extremely fast on the mountain but being fast as possible and slow as needed was undeniable. We had the time to enjoy the nature, even to take pictures and most important to enjoy ourselves in relation with the beautiful romanian nature.

And even so, we were still faster as walking or mountainbiking and very important, with much less weight which aloud us really to savour being there and being happy. Being totally flexible, we changed the route accordingly to our needs and wishes and everything was just in Flow. In the afternoon we still had time and energy to visit some touristic and cultural destinations.

We had it all and there is no wonder that I will remember this tour forever as being related to this stuff which epic stories is made of: Flow.

Thank you dear friends: Shabi, Ilan, Gil, Maytal, Arnon, Kadosh for this unforgettable experience. Hope to see you soon wherever our trails may cross.

August 2016,Mihai