The wonders of the Romanian Karpathian trails

Romania is a country of contrasts, both archaic and modern, a place where time can travel fast as a wild torrent or lay still as a frozen glacial lake up the mountain. Romania offers unexpected time travel like experiences, switching seamlessly from the quietness of the old mountain villages to the 21st century urban whirl.

The Romanian Carpathians Mountains list a strong set of advantages, making them an ideal destination for a wide variety of mountain lovers: hikers, trekkers, runners, mountain bikers and ski tourers.

  • A solid geological diversity in a relatively small area, with wide glacial valleys, limestone and conglomerate rock walls, canyons and gorges, steep slopes, sharp ridges, imposing peaks, ancient forests with amazing flora and fauna,
  • A continental climate, with longer stretches of good weather than in the Alps or in the Central or Northern Europe, with less rainfall and more sunny days along the year,
  • Altitudes of 1500 to 2500 m providing true alpine experiences without the stress of lack of oxygen, altitude sickness, without the risks of traversing crevasses or walking along glaciers,
  • A limited modern-day human presence up the mountain, with a small number of prepared ski slopes, ski lifts, tarmac roads or alpine resorts,
  • A rich traditional rural life, still relying a good deal on farming animals and agriculture and less on mass tourism,
  • A wide network of hiking and trekking trails, cart roads reaching sheep farms, forestry and alpine dirt roads with a limited human presence,
  • A good level of understanding between fellow mountaineers, hikers, runners, mountain bikers or ski tourers.

Add to all this reasonably low costs for accommodation, fast access by plane and by car and you’ll have the full picture of an ideal destination for unforgettable mountain adventures and experiences.

Let’s enjoy together the trails of the Carpathians!